ABGESAGT - Mechanics of Venture Capital 101

ABGESAGT - Mechanics of Venture Capital 101

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Code: 2321
Datum: 24.03.2023 - 25.03.2023
Ort: K.a.V. Bajuvaria - Naglergasse 13, 1010 Wien
Teilnehmer:min. 8 Personenmax. 16 Personenfreie Plätze: 11
ÖCV-Aktive: 45,00 € ÖCV-AHAH: 45,00 €
Extern Stud.: 70,00 € Extern Gäste: 110,00 €

Mechanics of Venture Capital 101
How to build a unicorn from Scratch - and walk away with nothing

24.03.2023 – 18:00-21:00 Uhr
25.03.2023 – 10:00-20:00 Uhr

Florian Lerchbammer-Kreith (Baj)
Co-Founder Brightmind.AI, Seminarleiter

Markus Lang (Rt-D)
Partner Speedinvest

Irmgard Nemec
Associate Herbst Kinsky

This course focuses on VC and the ‘typical’ venture-backed start-up company based on conventions and practices both in the US and Austria. The course is designed to meet the academic curiosity of ÖCV members by providing key stats and in-classroom discussions and exercises on pros/cons of certain provisions as well as by providing insight into the structure, practices, and operations of venture capitalists.


The course is pragmatic in its orientation. It will cover principal areas relevant to the privately held start-ups:

• Typical investment terms found in the term sheet
• Dynamics of negotiation between entrepreneur and the VC
• Elements of compensation, both cash and equity that are common to VC-backed companies in Tech
• Corporate governance in context of a venture-backed start-up
• Common organizational & legal issues encountered in the formation of a venture-backed start-up